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Official Name: Republic of Turkey
National Anthem: Istiklal Marsi (Independence March)
Founder: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
Area: 783.562 square kilometres
Coastal Length: 7.200 km
Coastal Borders: Mediterranean Sea at south, Aegean Sea at west, Black Sea at north
Population: +80,000,000 (2019)
Capital City: Ankara
Language: Turkish
Religion: Muslim 99%

Government Sites:

Grand National Assembly of Turkey –
Portal to the Turkish Constitution and related publications.
(in Turkish, short version in English)

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs –
Overview of the work programme Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs with links to research, publications, projects, statistics and duties.
(in Turkish and English)

Ministry of Culture & Tourism –
This site provides information on culture, art, provinces, archeology, history and the ministry itself.
(in Turkish, English, French, German and Russian)

Turkish Tourism Office –
Official site for Turkish Tourism maintained by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs –
Informative Web Site of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with information on current events, foreign policy, consular services, diplomatic archives with regional links (Turkey and the EU, Cyprus and the Middle East) and other helpful tourist links.(in Turkish and English)

State Institute of Statistics (SIS), Prime Ministry, Republic of Turkey –
Comprehensive site full of statistical data for Turkey.
(in Turkish, short version in English)

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