Hagia Sophia Museum

One of the most important Christian monuments of all time, this ancient basilica, built by Constantine the Great and reconstructed by Justinian in the 6yh century is one of the architectural marvels of the world.


Today’s Hagia Sophia is the third building constructed in the same place with a different architectural understanding than its predecessors. By the order of Emperor Justinianos, it was built by Anthemios from Tralles (Aydin) and Isidoros from Miletos (Balat). The construction started in 532 and was completed in a period of five years and opened for worship in 537 with great ceremony. When Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror conquered the city, he converted it into his imperial mosque. It continued its existence with the addition of Ottoman architectural elements and turned into a museum in 1935. Known for its Imperial Gate, Beautiful Gate (Splendid Door) and Marble Gate, Hagia Sophia has 104 columns, some of which are brought from ancient cities. The “Omphalion” section where the emperors were crowned stands out with marble workmanship like these pillars.

Venue Information

Summer Period

1 April – 31 October
Opening time: 09:00
Closing time: 19:00

Winter Period

31 October – 1 April
Opening time: 09:00
Closing time: 18:00

Box Office Summer / Winter Closing Hours

Summer Period: 17:30
Winter Period: 16:00

Closed Days


Address: Ayasofya Meydanı No:1 34122 Sultanahmet
E-mail: ayasofyamuzesi@ktb.gov.tr
Phone 1: 02125221750
Phone 2: 02125220989

Entrance Fee : 72 TL – State : Open

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